About us


N-power Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd is a registered organization under the Cooperative Development ACT. (2004) This was initiated by the beneficiaries of Federal Government Social Investment Program N-power. The aim is to utilize the skills Acquired during these two years training to re position the Nations Agricultural sector by training, supervision, farm identification, farm production management and advisory.  we also serve as bridge between local farmers and financial institution owned by Government


To establish a structured and efficient micro, small and medium enterprises sector that will enhance sustainable economic development in Nigeria Agricultural sector.


To facilitate the access of micro, small and medium entrepreneurs and investors to all resources required for their development


Poverty, due to lack of access to income earning opportunities and lack of capacity to take advantage of the opportunities, is a social malaise that is threatening global prosperity in general and national economic growth and development in particular. A well developed SMEs sector has proven to be one of the most veritable channels to combat poverty. The establishment of N-power farmers Cooperative Society is therefore justified by the need to trigger the development of Nigeria's MSMEs and SMEs sectors in a well structured and efficient manner.


We identify young entrepreneurs specially those who has interest in agriculture and train them on modern farming, business development and how to run a gainful food processing business which can be packaged and exported out of the country.

We don’t just help the young farmers to access Government loan, but we also improve their agricultural output through training on modern farming and entrepreneurship.

To repositioning the Nations Agricultural potential, through partnership with Government owned financial institution/agencies, in other to provide soft loans for micro businesses, with over 34 million hectares of arable land of which only 40 per cent is cultivated, and with a population of over 180 million people in which 80 per cent are youths. With over 500,000 trained beneficiary of N-power with their Devices across the Nation, this young people can carry out land verification and analysis, farm mapping, farmers identification and farm production management and advisory, to increase the output of farm products.